Owl 3D Process

Owl™ is delivered via the 3D Process — Discovery, Design and Delivery.

Discovery. In this process, we understand and document the application and technology environment. We determine the logical relations between applications and between applications and infrastructure. We do a minimal installation of Owl to adapt to the technical environment and we do a proof of concept and technology with a selected application.

Design. The detailed design phase lets us look at a detailed implementation of a large-scale business process. This includes all of the applications that support the business process that is being upgraded with application management. We integrate the necessary components of the underlying infrastructure and the IP architecture. In addition we develop the customer specific schemas for notification, escalation, inter-group writing service information flow, alarm severity gradation and work management. This formalizes the process and procedures that the enterprise implementation of Owl will follow. We also develop the rules, performance levels, and calendars of the objects that we are tracking.

Delivery. In the delivery phase, we install Owl on the server and any necessary collectors and gateways. We link in the Owl libraries to the application being monitored and re-deploy them. We enable the collectors for package data sources such as HP OpenView™ or TIBCO Hawk™. We provision the model and customize the GUI to reflect the analysis performed. We train the application developers and operations staff in its effective use and manners of the teams in the process that has been modified during the analysis phase.