Owl JMX Bridge

Enterprise Application Management with the Owl™ JMX Bridge

JMX (Java Management Extensions) is an evolving Java standard developed through Sun Microsystem’s Java Community Process. JMX provides the tools for building distributed, web-based solutions for managing and monitoring devices, applications, and service-driven networks. Many off-shelf-products such as application servers come with JMX built-in. Companies are beginning to use JMX as a standard application management interface for Java components.

The Owl JMX Bridge leverages the JMX standard with the unique features of Owl™ to deliver powerful benefits

Access to JMX Instrumented Applications — You get the advantage of the open source community’s commitment to JMX. This includes great tools like MX4J, XMOJO, and Apache Modeler, as well as built in support in Web and Application Servers such as Tomcat.

Centralized Monitoring, Control and Reporting — Owl provides real-time graphic and tabular displays for monitoring and controlling applications along with service and trending reports (see the Owl™ product suite). In addition, you can leverage the constellation of features available with the Owl™ family of products. Health monitoring, performance metrics, events, controls, auto-discovery, exception management, history, business service management, work force management, rules processing, notification, real time user interfaces, alerting, graphical displays, etc.

Universal Platform Coverage — Owl interfaces to the major application platforms and languages. This enables you to unify your approach to application management with an open, technology-neutral strategy. You can monitor all your Business Services and Applications together in Owl™ regardless of whether they are implemented with Java, C, C++, C#, Linux, Windows, Unix, Perl, Visual Basic, log files, whatever. Owl™ will put it all together.

“Zero Administration” — Owl incorporates several real-time discovery features that collectively enable Owl to dynamically adapt to the changing application environment without the need for administration. This significantly reduces the cost of managing your applications and, and more importantly, reduces administrative errors.

With the Owl JMX Bridge you can develop a coherent application management plan for both your emerging and legacy environments.