Owl Dashboard

Owl Management Dashboard

An enterprise solution designed to provide cross-discipline views of business and IT. The Dashboard is an integration of SAP Business Objects Dashboard and Owl Service OpCenter.

This fully integrated solution allows users to build a dashboard using a WYSIWYG Dashboard Creation Environment and connect it to live Owl data.

In construction of the dashboards, users can make use of Owlʼs Active Model, current and historical data, and application controls. The users can also drill down into the Owl Server and directly in Blackbird to get more detailed information.


  • Use SAP Crystal Dashboard Design to create stunning visualizations
  • Intuitive WYSIWYG designer allows for rapid design
  • Comprehensive library of eye catching visualization components which come with the product and are available from third party vendors
  • Software development kit allows use of Adobe Flex to create custom visualization components, themes, and data connectors
  • Runs anywhere Flash runs as well as in UBM WebSphere Portal, Microsoft Sharepoint Portal, and SAP Crystal Reports 2008.


  • Connect to Owl using a set of pre-defined web services which allow for navigation of the Owl Active Model.
  • Combine Owl data with any XML compliant database and SOAP-based Web Services for up to the second information.


  • Dynamically updated visualizations display the current status of your applications
  • Use dynamic menus and selectors to parameterize the dashboards based on Owl namespace, groups or lists of entities or metrics
  • Use colors to display status of Owl Entities, Groups, Metrics, and Connections
  • Automatically sort important metrics (eg. “Show applications with the largest transaction queues.”)
  • Navigate the Owl Active model to explore relationships between entities to get to the root cause of a problem or to see the business impact
  • Use a variety of charts and histograms to analyze trends
  • Drill down directly into the Blackbird to explore the application, documentation, logs, configuration, metrics, and more. Execute application controls to explore and correct problems directly from owl
  • Run the dashboard on the web or export it to one of the many formats that support flash applications: PDF, Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, and more
  • Use Dashboard as part of desktop applications and widgets using Adobe AIR
  • Use multi-lingual capabilities. Available support for English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian

Dashboard Views

This dashboard illustrates cross discipline view.

Dashboard monitors machine status.

A dashboard monitoring current machine status.