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You're toast, out of touch, out of control – blind! For modern business, not knowing what mission critical services and applications are doing is both a major frustration and a real threat to the bottom line.

Owl is Seeing

Owl™ puts eyeballs in your Business Services and Applications. Owl has the unique vantage point of enabling the business logic to look around and phone home with the news. Owl™ auto-discovers where the business logic is and enables the business logic to report what it is experiencing: what communications are taking place, what transactions are failing, how many are being handled, what peers it depends on are not behaving. All the critical knowledge about what is happening is in the business logic. The Owl family of products provides the technology that lets Business Services and Applications report back what they see.

Other solutions try to guess what the business logic is experiencing by taking its temperature. An interesting approach, but not very useful in diagnosing a stroke before the patient expires.

Owl is Thinking

Owl thinks about the information Business Services and Applications send it. Owl applies knowledge about what is appropriate behavior and what is not, to what it is told. Owl knows if an Application is supposed to be running, Owl knows if the Application is overloaded. Owl knows the database transactions that succeeded but failed to find the right data. Owl knows who needs to know about current circumstances. Owl knows if other services are being impacted. Owl knows how to project real information from Applications onto Business Services. Owl deduces what the result is, of all the activities that are taking place are, or not.

Other solutions are still wondering what to do with a temperature of 98.6°F as the blood flow to the brain is being cut off.

Owl is Acting

Owl responds by taking action. Owl is alerting. Owl is notifications. Owl is executing Controls. Owl is running programs. Owl is coordinating activities.

Other solutions are still waiting for the temperature to change.