Tinton Falls, NJ, Web Services Conference; Feb 22, 2006

IntegraSolv provider of Owl™ Service Op-Center – management software for visibility and run-time management of distributed IT systems has partnered with Fiorano Software Inc, a leading provider of business process integration and messaging technology solutions to leverage Fiorano’s Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to provide SOA based solutions.

Fiorano SOA 2006™ is a platform that provides comprehensive features and support for easy and rapid deployment of SOA solutions. Each component of the platform provides enterprise customers with a sophisticated set of capabilities that increase business and IT flexibility while reducing costs.

Enterprises making the transition to SOA can greatly benefit from IntegraSolv’s products, whether they are starting to implement SOA, evolving their current applications to SOA, or have fully deployed a large-scale SOA production environment. The service network visibility and run-time governance ensure alignment between IT and business, by providing real-time monitoring and analysis of business processes. IntegraSolv’s technology delivers those benefits with zero administration and minimal impact on system performance.

Unlike competing products, Owl(tm) provides end-to-end business process visibility across any SOA deployment, regardless of technology, architecture, or development environments used. Using Owl’s Enterprise Instrumentation and non-intrusive proxies, Owl automatically discovers services and message flows through the SOA network, and dynamically maps and monitors the SOA network providing visibility and insight. Usage and performance metrics are captured enabling analysis, and manual or automated service restoration. In addition to monitoring services, Owl(tm) detects and monitors performance of the business transactions as they flow across a wide variety of application servers, databases, and network appliances.

Fiorano has successfully established Fiorano SOA™2006 Platform as the preferred platform to connect, mediate and orchestrate services in an enterprise SOA environment. Owl’s platform-agnostic approach to SOA visibility and run-time governance supports SOA environments using enterprise service buses (ESBs), application servers, or other technologies. When combined, IntegraSolv and Fiorano products can be used to support the entire SOA lifecycle from service definition, to development, to deployment, to effective high availability operations.

“Fiorano’s SOA 2006 Suite offerings provide excellent end-to-end full featured infrastructure supporting SOA implementations” said Arthur Frankstein, Managing Partner at IntegraSolv. “Owl(tm) complements Fiorano’s products to deliver repeatable quality end-to-end service delivered across the rich set of technologies used to deliver SOA software, from modern SOA products to legacy systems.”

Clients using Fiorano will instantly benefit both from real-time visibility as well as historical insight into the status and performance of the SOA based, and EDA based applications. The Owl Op-Center focuses on the health and performance of composite applications, of applications that are accessing services through Fiorano’s ESB, of monitoring components that are adjacent to Fiorano software, of the Services and their components, and of their connectivity. Owl’s view is end-to-end and would allow for management based on user defined service levels from coarse grain like performance of a service to a fine grained like a performance of specific transactions. Owl would identify the location of the problem and allow for navigation to the root cause, being in the software components, communications, or in the infrastructure.

“Fiorano recognizes the importance of strategic partnering and strongly believes that IntgraSolv has the required strengths to offer high quality implementation services as well as the capability to develop and deliver value-added SOA solutions built on Fiorano’s SOA platform ,”said Mr. Atul Saini, CEO & CTO, Fiorano Software, Inc

About IntegraSolv

IntegraSolv is a privately is a privately held corporation based in Tinton Falls, New Jersey (www.integrasolv.com). IntegraSolv provides real-time monitoring and control of business-critical services and applications to global financial firms. At the leading edge of technology, the company has garnered a clientele of top securities firms worldwide.

About Fiorano Software Inc.

Fiorano (www.fiorano.com), a US Corporation headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA has a decade long history as a leading provider of Enterprise class Integration Middleware. Fiorano’s network-centric solutions set a new paradigm in interoperability, performance, scalability and ROI. Global leaders including Fortune 500s such as Boeing, British Telecom, British Petroleum, Quicken Loans, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Lockheed Martin, Motorola, Schlumberger and POSCO have used Fiorano technology to deploy their Enterprise Nervous Systems.