IntegraSolv announces addition of Python to the list of the languages supported by Owl’s Blackbird Enterprise Instrumentation. This addition is part of Owl Everywhere strategy recently announced by IntegraSolv.

Today, Owl provides capture and collection of health and performance data from programs and agents written in key compiled programming languages, such as C, C++, Java, C#, Visual Basic; from interpreted languages such as Perl, Shell, Microsoft Powershell; as well as from monitoring mechanisms, such as JMX, WMI, and SNMP. This broad coverage allows Owl to create monitoring metrics within custom applications, capture metrics from packaged applications, middleware, and databases, as well as to monitor network devices.

Python is an important addition to Owl. It is one of the top popular languages, and also increasingly a popular  language used in development of mission critical systems. Python is used and popularized by Google and is becoming accepted as a core development language for trading and other capital markets systems.

“Python is a logical addition to our monitoring, complementing our Owl Everywhere strategy – a key Cloud Computing language will bring further value to our customers”, said Arthur Frankstein, Managing Partner at IntegraSolv.